The Market says Bodyteamwork®

Fifteen years ago, weight training was the way to go. With the emergence of more sophisticated heart-rate measuring devices, came the era of cardiovascular fitness and endurance training. Now, a new form of exercise that perfectly complements the previous two is taking fitness centers and health clubs by storm: coordination training.

We call it “Body Teamwork®“ because its secret lies in the delicate balance of the inner muscle and nerve systems. When body movement is an example of perfect teamwork, strength and endurance can be greatly improved, and personal goals are achieved more rapidly.

Hence: better results in less time! The holistic S3-Concept, which includes training machine, test station and training plan, guarantees efficiency and monitors success. MFT‘s Body Teamwork® has been declared the trend for the upcoming years." (Ewald A. Aigner, S3-Concept developer)

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