Intelligent Training Devices for Maximum Effect
The tilting of the unstable platforms must be quickly balanced out by systematic movements - daily movements are perfectly simulated. Challenging from the very outset, you can enjoy your first successes after only a few days. Training with MFT Discs is fun and gives you a completely new body awareness. You can train with them everywhere: At home, at work or in the gym.

"With the Challenge Disc you can also easily do something at home or at work for your body. The self-test, Feedback function and games motivate you to practice regularly. The training is also great fun for kids!"
Dr. Christian Raschner (Department of Sports Science, University of Innsbruck)

"With the help of MFT Discs, the, thus-far greatly underrated concept of coordination training can be effectively implemented as a group-exercise activity. This includes: cardiovascular and muscle training, strengthening and toning of the
body, awareness and proper movement in regard to body-axes, increased mobility, relaxation and balance. Varied and effective training, along an untrodden path.“

Jutta Schuhn (dipl. sport science, international Presenter)

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